Quality Ingredients:

Chef Hiro Saito chooses the same ingredients for his customers as he uses for his own family. He believes using quality ingredients produces the best product.

Some of our ingredients:

Gluten-Free Flour: Non GMO, locally mixed in a dedicated gluten-free facility

Egg: Free Range 

Granulated Sugar: Organic


Hiro grew up around traditional Japanese craftsmanship and he felt strongly about bringing that artistry into his products. With this philosophy, he works hard to fine-tune the cookie recipes and method of baking to create the perfect texture and flavor. The cookies are baked fresh daily.


Although we make and sell cookies, our belief is that we are not in the food business but are in the people business. our focus is to make others happy. This includes our staff as well as our customers. We want customers to not just enjoy the food but to have a great shopping experience as well.